Ride With Death: Speedwolf

Rating: 80%

314452.jpgIn 2011, Speedwolf released their first album. Inspired by Punk and Metal, this release is pretty awesome. Heavily influenced by Motorhead’s speed, Venom’s sound, and Sodom’s attitude, “Ride With Death” is full of brutality and speed. It’s like a time trip back to the mid 1980’s.

The musicianship is pretty good. Reed Bruemmer’s style of vocals is almost gritty and sludgy. Throwing out the fast riffs is Kris Wells on guitar. He’s got a lot of great work throughout this album. Then you have drummer Richie Tice. His drumming is pretty intense. I love the cowbell on the first track. Throwing down on the strings of thunder is bassist Jake Kauffman.

This album features a Punk flavored Speed Metal that is a blast from the past. Tight melodies, great riffage and decent solos. The bass has this heavy distorted sound that just doesn’t quit. The vocals are a tad on the dirty or harsh side. The drums are all over this album. This is what Speed Metal is and what it should sound like.

Track listing:

Speedwolf 5:28
Up All Night 2:48
Out On Bail 2:44
I Am The Demon 3:37
Time To Annihilate 3:43
Never Twice 3:39
I Can’t Die 3:55
Death Ripper 3:22
Hell & Back 2:38
The Reaper 3:29
Ride With Death 3:51
Denver 666 2:23


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