Cause of Death: Obituary

Rating: 95%

obituary-cause_of_deathIn 1990, the boys from Obituary released their second album, “Caused of Death.” Now, this album is very different from their first, “Slowly We Rot.” The main difference is the lead guitar. James Murphy from Death joined Obituary for this album as Allen West didn’t continue with the band. His influence is clearly heard throughout this record. He has this very eerie style that seems to make the band come alive from the hell.

The musicianship is far out. John Tardy’s dominating vocals, roars, shrills, and screams are like a tank plowing a path of destruction. The fast paced tempos and timing of Donald Tardy  drums is spectacular. He is the backbone of the music itself. The bass lines by Frank Watkins are incredible. Just listen to “Chopped in Half.” Guitarist  Trevor Peres throws out some of the most powerful and evil sounding riffs that I have ever heard. Throw his sound together with the godfather of Death Metal, James Murphy and you have a heavy deep darken sound. His solos and leads are absolutely great.

Musically, this album is just as dark as their debut “Slowly We Rot.” It has that slower heavy guitar tone. It has several epic style intros and outros that keeps building the entire album up to the climax. The overall sound is clear, but not taking away from the actual evilness of the music. I love the deep sound that this band creates. This album is one the most influential albums of Death Metal genre and it marks one of many great albums from this band.

Track listing:

1. “Infected”  5:34
2. “Body Bag” 5:49
3. “Chopped in Half” 3:43
4. “Circle of the Tyrants” (Celtic Frost cover)  4:25
5. “Dying”  4:29
6. “Find the Arise”2:51
7. “Cause of Death” 5:38
8. “Memories Remain”  3:44
9. “Turned Inside Out” 4:57


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