The End Complete: Obituary

Rating: 85%

722.jpgIn 1992, Obituary saw the return of Allen West on lead guitar. “The End Complete” begins with a deep toned guitar chord, followed by drums and a growl. Afterwards it’s followed by the shriek of Allen West’s lead. “The End Complete” offers up more or less the same basic music structure from the previous two releases, “Cause of Death” and “Slowly We Rot.” It’s one of those things, that if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

You still have the roars, growls, and screams of vocalist John Tardy. With Allen West back in the line up, you do loose the more precise leads as compared to  James Murphy. Allen West does shred and puts out a lot of decent leads and solos. The riffs by Trevor Peres are based more or less off of the previous material. Frank Watkins has plenty to offer with his bass guitar. Keeping up with the drum kit and producing some off balanced and faster tempos is Donald Tardy.

Musically, this album is deep, heavy, and dark. You wouldn’t expect any less from obituary. There’s lots of crunchy, gritty, and heavy riffs to each of the songs. Some are faster than others. in fact, I think the melody is a lot faster than their previous two albums.  There is a bit more atmosphere in the music itself and Obituary is slowly experimenting with different elements. But it’s not a drastic change. The overall sound is more mature. This kind of sets the pace for the future of the band.

Track listing:

1. “I’m in Pain” 4:01
2. “Back to One”  3:42
3. “Dead Silence”  3:21
4. “In the End of Life” 3:41
5. “Sickness” 4:06
6. “Corrosive”  4:11
7. “Killing Time”  3:59
8. “The End Complete” 4:03
9. “Rotting Ways” 5:13


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