The Art Of Self Defense: High On Fire

Rating: 90%

Artofselfdefense.jpgHigh On Fire, wow! What can I say? I love this band. They are one of my favorite Sludge/Stoner Metal bands. I love the sound that is produced by these three guys and the sound has gotten even better since their release of this album in 2000.

Musically, it’s bold. It’s got a great sound that is deep and aggressive. The bass and guitars have this harmonizing sound. Mix that with progressive drumming with whiskey drenched vocals and you have one badass Heavy Metal band.

The musicianship is tight. Matt Pike, throws out some great riffs. In fact, he throws out riff after riff with his drop D tuning, with the toned down sound and aggressive style. His leads and solos are far out. I just love the heaviness of his guitar. It’s got spunk and it even has a bit of atmosphere and psychedelic influences. His sound is almost like Black Sabbath’s “Volume 4” on steroids. His vocal approach is influenced by none other than Lemmy of Motorhead. George Rice thunders out the bass lines. His style is clearly a leading element of the deep rich sound. He does perform plenty of scales that  link the guitar and drums together. Behind the drum kit, is Des Kensel. His tempos, beats, and progressive style on the drums is what makes the music so good. You have to respect High On Fire for blending the instrumentation and creating such great melodies.

Track listing:

“Baghdad” – 5:15
“10,000 Years” – 7:53
“Blood from Zion” – 4:55
“Last” – 6:36
“Fireface” – 8:35
“Master of Fists” – 10:03


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