A Eulogy for the Damned: Orange Goblin

Rating: 85%

Orange_goblin_a_eulogy_for_the_damned.jpgIn 2012 Orange Goblin released “A Eulogy for the Damned.” This is most diverse album by the band and to me one of their best. It’s a good combination of Space Rock, Heavy Metal, with some Psychedelic Rock influences that brand their style of Stoner Metal.

The band consists of lead vocalist Ben Ward who has a bluesy, gritty, and graspy kind of voice. He’s got plenty of range. Guitarist Joe Hoare has a nice sound. He throws a lot of riffs out there.  His leads a spectacular and remind me of the past greats like Motorheard, Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Bassist Martyn Millard throws out the gritty and over driven bass lines. Then you have drummer Christopher Turner. He’s got tempo.

The album opens with what I think is the best song on the record. “Red Tide Rising.” After that, the rest of the songs seem to be in line along the same mid paced melodies and a few that really mellow out. This maybe because of the Doom Metal influences that this album incorporates. The up and down tempos in someways keeps the music from getting boring and the transactions from verse to chorus are pretty smooth. Nonetheless, this album is a good Stoner Metal album to listen to and have if you’re into this kind of music.

Track listing:

“Red Tide Rising” – 4:49
“Stand for Something” – 3:47
“Acid Trial” – 4:13
“The Filthy & the Few” – 3:32
“Save Me from Myself” – 5:58
“The Fog” – 6:45
“Return to Mars” – 2:26
“Death of Aquarius” – 5:48
“The Bishops Wolf” – 4:39
“A Eulogy for the Damned” – 7:17


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