Metal Up Your Ass: Xecutioner

Rating: 100%

419598.jpgSo, before Obituary, there was a band called Xecutioner. In 1985, they released a two song demo called “Metal Up Your Ass.” No, this isn’t Metallica’s “Kill Them All.” Although, this to me is so much fucking better. This Thrash Metal demo contains the one and only John Hardy on vocals, clean vocals at that. Trevor Peres on guitar as well as Jerry Tidwell. They throw out some fast Thrash Metal riffs. Jerome Grable plays bass and he is loud and clear. Then you have Donald Tardy on drums.

The sound quality is demo quality, but it does offer the listener to hear the making of a great Death Metal band. Musically, it’s very raw. It’s brutal, strong, energetic, and powerful.

The demo opens up with “Metal Up Your Ass.” This song is brutally balls to the wall. It’s got bass, it’s got double bass drumming, fast tempos, great vocals, a great riff, and super fast lead guitar solos. The guitar sound is toned down almost like early Venom or Sodom. This song alone gives Slayer, Megadeth and Exodus a run for their money. “Syco-pathic Mind” begins with a kick ass riff and drumming. After the introduction the music begins getting aggressive and faster. The guitars are brutal. The vocals are a bit more eerie. The tempo is super fast.

Track listing:

Side A
1. Metal Up Your Ass 03:53
Side B
2. Syco-pathic Mind 04:11


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