World Demise: Obituary

Rating: 80%

Worlddemise.jpgIn 1994, Obituary released “World Demise.” This album contains the protest song to man made pollution “Don’t Care.” Musically, this album is dark, heavy, and faster than their previous works. A little less energetic, this album still has the brutal and aggression that Obituary is known for.

The music for the most part still have that same structure as their previous albums. The key to the heaviness is the low D tunning with the toned down sound on the guitars. You have the growls and evilness in the vocals of John Hardy, kick ass guitar work and sound by Allen West and Trevor Peres. Allen West’s solos still scream loudly. Their plenty of slower heavy riffs while several of the songs contain much faster riffs. The tempos by Donald Tardy on drums are aggressive and powerful. Frank Watkins throws out several thunderous bass lines.

Track listing:

1. “Don’t Care” 3:08
2. “World Demise” 3:43
3. “Burned In” 3:32
4. “Redefine” 4:39
5. “Paralyzing” 4:57
6. “Lost” 3:59
7. “Solid State” 4:38
8. “Splattered” 4:15
9. “Final Thoughts” 4:08
10. “Boiling Point” 3:09
11. “Set in Stone” 4:50
12. “Kill for Me” 5:59


13. “Killing Victims Found” 5:05
14. “Infected [Live]” 5:00
15. “Godly Beings [Live]” 2:01
16. “Body Bag [Live]” 5:59


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