Back From the Dead: Obituary

Rating: 85%

Back_from_the_Dead.jpgSo, if I died and returned as a zombie, demon or even an angel, the first thing I would do is crank it up to Obituary. This is a great blend of Death Metal being fused with some influences of Groove Metal and Hardcore music. This album also marks the downfall of Obituary. This 1997 release is much better than their previous “World Demise.”

Musically, this album is pretty good. There’s a good collection of riffs, some leads, and heavy drumming.  John Tardy’s vocals sound just as good on this album. I noticed that the Frank Watkins bass is a bit more forward among the sound. Donald Tardy’s drumming is still among the progressive side of experimenting.

The song structures are a bit sloppy, but that is what makes this album good. This album opens with the heavy hitter “Threatening Skies.” This song begins with a great heavy fast riff and it doesn’t stop there either. The guitars of both Allen West and Trevor Peres never quit. The leads and fill ins are decent, although, like some of the previous material, it role of the lead guitar is a bit absence. As the album progresses, some of the song structures feature several wired rests. “Back from the Dead” is one of those examples. The main structure is slow and heavy, but then there are a few areas of a few seconds rest.

There are a lot of good songs on here and yes, there are a few fillers. But all and all, this is still a decent Obituary album. It does have some good melodies that are brutal, heavy, and aggressive. Most of the music is on the faster side, with few on the slower side.

Track listing:

1. “Threatening Skies” 2:19
2. “By the Light” 2:55
3. “Inverted” 2:53
4. “Platonic Disease” 4:06
5. “Download” 2:45
6. “Rewind” 4:03
7. “Feed on the Weak” 4:15
8. “Lockdown” 4:11
9. “Pressure Point” 2:25
10. “Back from the Dead” 5:12
11. “Bullituary (Remix)” (featuring DJ’s Diablo D and Skinner T)  3:43


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