Xecutioner’s Return: Obituary

Rating: 90%

xecutioners_return_cover_v5So, many fans of Death Metal either hates this album or loves this album. It all depends on how you view Obituary as a band. For me, I thought that this album was done very well.

The musicianship is very strong and very tight. With the Ralph Santolla taking Allen West’s place on lead guitar, you’ll notice right away that the song structures are more lengthened to allow the solos in each song. These solos are a lead guitarist dream when it comes to playing scales. It’s got plenty of raking of the strings, hammer on’s and hammer off’s. The usage of harmonics along with the whammy bar is an added bonus. Trevor Peres throws out these brutal riffs with toned down guitar sounds. Frank Watkins’s bass is closer to the front and his lines are more complex. Donald Tardy’s drumming is top notch. Then you have the growls of John Tardy which are outstanding.

Musically, you see Obituary expanding their horizons. There is some experimentation with Thrash Metal being mixed with Groove Metal, while maintaining their signature style. It also seems that Obituary barrows and combines all of their previous work on this album. There is also a certain melodic sound to this record.The riffs are more thrashy and groovey. It’s Death Metal on steroids.

The end result equals out to tempos being conducted much faster, and at times very raw with a certain degree of heaviness. Some of the songs are very complex, while others are simple and lengthy. With all of these elements combined, this should have been the come back album rather than “Frozen in Time.” But you  know what? Being a fan of this band since the release of “Slowly We Rot”, I am just glad that this band this still as powerful and putting out music this good as they were back then.

Track listing:

1. “Face Your God” 2:56
2. “Lasting Presence” 2:12
3. “Evil Ways” 2:57
4. “Drop Dead” 3:35
5. “Bloodshot” 3:25
6. “Seal Your Fate” 2:30
7. “Feel the Pain” 4:31
8. “Contrast the Dead” 7:01
9. “Second Chance” 3:28
10. “Lies” 3:32
11. “In Your Head” 4:31


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