Darkest Day: Obituary

Rating: 80%

Obituary_-_Darkest_Day.jpg“Darkest Day” released in 2009 was the last album to feature guitarist Ralph Santolla and bassist Frank Watkins. Like the previous album “Xecutioner’s Return”, the song structures are more lengthened for Santolla’s lead solos. The music is a bit more polished and there is some experimentation taking place. This album to me is a continuation of the previous release. All and all, it’s still a good album.

This album sticks with the basics that Obituary is known for. Dark lyrical themes of death and violence. John Hardy hasn’t lost those famous death growls and shrieks. Santolla and Trevor Peres unleash these brutal, crunchy and gritty riffs. Some of these tend to be recycled, so there are fillers on this album. With Santolla taking the lead guitar spot, there is a certain degree of flair and melody to the song structures. It consists of those heavy and faster tempos set fourth by Donald Hardy who just beats on that drum kit like there is no tomorrow. Listen to “Blood To Give.” Giving the band that extra heavy sound is bassist Frank Watkins.

Track listing:

1. “List of Dead” 3:34
2. “Blood to Give” 3:35
3. “Lost Inside” 3:55
4. “Outside My Head” 3:52
5. “Payback” 4:29
6. “Your Darkest Day” 5:07
7. “This Life” 3:45
8. “See Me Now” 3:23
9. “Fields of Pain” 3:19
10. “Violent Dreams” 1:58
11. “Truth Be Told” 4:49
12. “Forces Realign” 4:39
13. “Left to Die” 6:20


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