Bonded By Blood: Exodus

Rating: 90%

220px-ExodusBondedbyblood.jpgReleased in 1985, “Bonded By Blood” is one of the important Thrash Metal albums of the mid 1980’s or at least it should be. It came upon the heels of Metallica’s “Kill’em All” and Slayer’s “Show No Mercy.” This album came right before Megadeth’s “Killing is My Business” and Anthrax’s “Spreading the Disease”, even though, “Fistful of Metal” was released a year earlier. The “Big4” seem to over shadow Exodus.

The music is heavy, fast, violent, and brutal. The overall sound of this album is explicit and raw. The lyrics are just as violent and brutal. Lead vocalist Paul Baloff doesn’t hold back with his style of violent shrieks and psychotic vocal style, which are unique and that made for a great first release by the band. Lead guitarists Gary Holt and Rob Hunolt throw out brutal riff after riff. The screaming leads are good and so it their rhythm sections. Nothing too complex, but their formula of thrash Metal seems to work well. It’s aggressive, hard hitting, and violent.  Bassist Rob McKillop’s lines are all over this album. Drummer Tom Hunting speeds through the album with tempos and drumming style.

This is one of the most underrated Thrash Metal debuts and although, Megadeth is considered as the forth of the “Big4”, this album actually came out before Megadeth’s first release. Not to mention Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett left Exodus to replace Dave Mustaine who later founded Megadeth.

Track listing:

1. “Bonded by Blood”  3:43
2. “Exodus” 4:05
3. “And Then There Were None” 4:40
4. “A Lesson in Violence”  3:49
5. “Metal Command”  4:13
6. “Piranha” 3:45
7. “No Love”  5:08
8. “Deliver Us to Evil”  7:07
9. “Strike of the Beast” 3:57


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