Fabulous Disaster: Exodus

Rating: 90%

This was the album that introduced me to Exodus, one of my favorite Thrash Metal bands next to Megadeth. To me this album is setting the pace for the band for the next few years coming that led into the 1990’s. “Fabulous Disaster” released in 1989, had a certain element to it that the previous two albums were missing. To me, it’s in the actual sound itself. The production on this album is so much better than “Bonded by Blood” or “Pleasures of the Flesh.” Although both of those albums are great in their own way. Or, maybe it’s the way it flows. Either way, this album sounds great to me.

This album has many elements to it that makes it a great Thrash Metal album. First, you’ll notice the riffs. They’re aggressive, fast, violent, energetic, powerful, and hardcore. Listen to the song “Fabulous Disaster.” Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt both produce these riffs that are crunchy and hard hitting. Next, the solos. They are fast and furious. The bass lines of Rob McKillop are really good. The drumming by Tom Hunting is superb. The vocal style of Steve Souza, is amazing. It’s hardcore, brutal, and violent.

Track listing:

  1. “The Last Act of Defiance”   4:44
  2. “Fabulous Disaster”   4:54
  3. “The Toxic Waltz”   4:51
  4. “Low Rider” (War cover) 2:48
  5. “Cajun Hell”   6:05
  6. “Like Father, Like Son”   8:11
  7. “Corruption”   5:46
  8. “Verbal Razors”   4:07
  9. “Open Season”   3:54
  10. “Overdose†” (AC/DC cover) 5:31

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