6:66 Satan’s Child: Danzig

Rating: 85%

danzig_666In 1999, Danzig released his 6th record. This album compared to his previous album “Blackaciddevil”, Danzig toned down the technical part. The end result is an album that is still very dark in nature, but heavier with focus on more traditional sounds of Heavy Metal. Now he does keep certain elements of the Industrial Metal in this, but it’s more balanced and polished.

Musically, this is a solid record. While it still has some of the electrical and technical aspects, Danzig here, creates a good way for the two worlds to exists. Does this album have the vocal style that Glenn is known for? Well, yes and no. His vocals are more mid range and on some songs soft. Musicianship of the band is pretty tight and thick. Tighter than “Blackaciddevil.” Josh Lazie’s bass sound pretty good on these tracks. Jeff Chambers does produce some really tight riffs and there are some decent leads. Most of the guitar work features that drop D tuning which gives it that deeper and darker tone to the music. Joey Castillo produces some very complex tempos on the drums. Pretty solid comeback. Highlights on this album are “Five Finger Crawl”, “Unspeakable”, “Firemass” and “Cold Eternal.”

Track listing:

1. “Five Finger Crawl” 3:38
2. “Belly of the Beast” 4:28
3. “Lilin” 6:31
4. “Unspeakable” 4:12
5. “Cult Without a Name” 4:39
6. “East Indian Devil (Kali’s Song)” 4:03
7. “Firemass” 3:52
8. “Cold Eternal” 4:41
9. “Satan’s Child” 3:30
10. “Into the Mouth of Abandonement” 4:37
11. “Apokalips” 4:45
12. “Thirteen” 4:12


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