Burning Insight: Frantic Amber

Rating: 90%

456368.jpgSwedish Death Metal band Frantic Amber released their 2015 debut “Burning Insight.” For the most part, this all female band minus the drummer dude hits the head of the nail. Think of a female version of Dethklok. Frantic Amber is made up of bassist Sandra Stensen, drummer Erik Röjås, lead guitarist Mio Jäger, guitarist Mary Säfstrand, and vocalist Elizabeth Andrews.

This album is truly a piece of art. It’s got a lot of great parts musically to it. Listening to it, there is a good bit of harmony to certain sections of music. The melody is very strong. Mix this in with very gritty riffs of the guitars and bass, and the madness of the drums, plus the harsh vocals, and you have a good Melodic Death Metal album. Each note is precis and prefect. The leads and the fill ins are one thing that sticks out. Another piece of instrumentation that is well done, it the bass. It’s always good to hear the bass in Heavy Metal that is creative. There seems to be a lot of very complex drumming that sets the tempos. The harsh vocals feature a certain degree of growls, shrills, and screams. I have not been able to locate a dull moment on this album. It’s an epic masterpiece. It’s got a certain degree of some eerie and creepiness on the slower tempo music. One thing is for sure, it’s not boring and the flow of the music is very exciting. Everyone seems to be comparing this to Arch Enemy, but, this band to me, is a hell of a lot better.


Frantic Amber. Blabbermouth.com

Track Listing:

1. Intro 01:08 instrumental
2. Burning Insight 04:27
3. Bleeding Sanity 04:18
4. Soar 05:29
5. Drained 05:39
6. Awakening 03:51
7. Entwined 04:35
8. Wrath of Judgement 05:01
9. Unbreakable 05:23
10. Destruction 05:31
11. Ghost 05:52


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