Fist Full Of Metal: Anthrax

Rating: 90%

anthraxfistfulofmetalIn 1984, Thrash Metal giants Anthrax released their debut “Fistful of Metal.” Although, not completely a Thrash Metal album, this record holds right up there with Speed Metal with lot’s of New Wave of British Heavy Metal influences. One thing is for sure, this is NOT your typical Anthrax album. The sound and style is completely different than their signature sound you hear on the 1985 release “Spreading the Disease.”

Anthrax consisted of vocalist Neil Turbin. His screaming vocal style works well with the formula of the music on this album. Then you have lead guitarist Dan Spitz. His leads, solos, and fill ins are incredible. Rhythm guitarist Scott Ian lays out a series of simple riffs that aren’t to complex in nature, not like they would be later on. Bassist Danny Lilker seems to be more in tuned with the speed of the guitars rather than the tempos of the drums. Drummer Charlie Benante lays out a series of fast and mid tempos drums lines.

A gem this album is, but it fell short due to the next series of Anthrax albums that had a more metallic and Thrash Metal sound. Neil Turbin and Danny Lilker was only featured on this album. After it’s release, Anthrax would be bring the replacements in what I would call the true line up that would last well into the 1990’s. Because of that, this album falls short. For me, I enjoy the hard hitting, super fast music that makes up this album. It’s a fist of metal, that’s for sure.

Track listing:

Side one
1. “Deathrider” 3:10
2. “Metal Thrashing Mad” 2:39
3. “I’m Eighteen” (Alice Cooper cover) 4:02
4. “Panic” 3:58
5. “Subjugator” 4:38
6. “Soldiers of Metal” 2:55
7. “Death from Above” 5:00
8. “Anthrax” 3:24
9. “Across the River” (Instrumental) 1:26
10. “Howling Furies”3:55


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