Show No Mercy: Slayer

Rating: 90%

Slayer_-_Show_No_Mercy.jpgThe year was 1983, and Thrash Metal greats, Slayer released “Show No Mercy.” This album along with Metallica’s “Kill’em All” changed the course of Heavy Metal forever as Thrash Metal was born. This album was also one of the hardest pounding records released to date, harder than Metallica’s “Kill’em All.” Slayer consisted of bassist & vocalist Tom Araya, guitarists Jeff Hanneman & Kerry King, and drummer  Dave Lombardo.

This album is a big influence in the Heavy Metal world. Although, the production is flawed, I do like the rawness, the speed, and the intensity of the music. From the opening notes to the final note, this album wails and just doesn’t stop. It’s like a freight train moving 200 miles an hour. If fact, I love the opening riff followed by the scream on  “Evil Has No Boundaries.” That sets the pace for the entire record. From there the album becomes almost one continuous song.

There’s a ton of fast, crunchy, gritty, aggressive, and raw riffs. The two dueling guitars perfectly in tuned during the scales and rhythm sections are incredible. This album is full of fast leads and fill in solos. I love the use of the whammy bar on many of leads. The bass lines are full. The vocals are eerie. The tempos of the drums are just super fast.

Track listing:

Side one
1. “Evil Has No Boundaries”  3:09
2. “The Antichrist” 2:49
3. “Die by the Sword”  3:36
4. “Fight Till Death” 3:37
5. “Metalstorm/Face the Slayer”  4:53
6. “Black Magic” 4:03
7. “Tormentor” 3:45
8. “The Final Command” 2:32
9. “Crionics”  3:29
10. “Show No Mercy”3:06


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