Victim of Yourself: Nervosa

Rating: 80%

399020In 2014, the Brazilian female trio Nervosa released their debut “Victim of Yourself.” So imagine Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Lamb of God wrapped up into one. Now you have the sound and style of Nervosa. The band is made up of vocalist & bassist Fernanda Lira, guitarist Prika Amaral, and drummer Pitchu Ferraz.

The approach of the band is a good effort. Each instrument is clearly heard and production wise, sounds pretty good. It’s got plenty of hard, crunching, complex, and upbeat riffs. There’s a good deal of lead guitar that sounds pretty good. Good bass lines and decent drumming. The harsher screaming vocals compliments the overall sound of the music. Is this classic Thrash Metal? No, not really, but the approach of classic Thrash Metal is there. This album at times can be very aggressive and brutal. But for the for most part, it’s a nonstop assault like what Thrash Metal should be.


Nervsoa by Metal Ladies Publishing.

Track Listing:

1. Intro 02:57 instrumental
2. Twisted Values 05:18
3. Justice Be Done 03:49
4. Wake Up and Fight 03:40
5. Nasty Injury 05:27
6. Envious 04:35
7. Morbid Courage 03:33
8. Death 03:51
9. Into Moshpit 03:43
10. Deep Misery 02:06
11. Victim of Yourself 04:10
12. Urânio em Nós 02:07


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