Týr: Black Sabbath

Rating: 90%

sabbathtyrIn 1990, after two stable releases, Black Sabbath was at it again. I know that many people are still compelled to say that Sabbath wasn’t Sabbath unless Ozzy or Dio was fronting the band. I must say, that I do like Tony Martin’s style as a front man. He was man who stabilized Black Sabbath from the mid 1980’s to the new decade.

Musically, this is a heavier album with a huge epic sound to it. Production wise, it’s clean and crisp. Some good song structures with the basic intros, verses, bridges, and chorus lines. Nothing to complex here. Just back to the basics of Heavy Metal.

Musicianship is pretty tight. Tony Iommi still proves that he can create newer riffs and thrown down on the leads. However, one can hear that he is borrowing some of the riffs from decades old catalog and reworking them in order to create something new. Tony Martin’s vocals are great. He’s got plenty of range and it’s a good match for what Black Sabbath has going on this album. The way he harmonizes his voice and blends it in with the music is one key to this album’s sound. Geoff Nicholls probably steals the spotlight on this album. His keyboard skills are really showing through. Neil Murray throws out some decent bass lines. Another aspect is the drumming of Cozy Powell. He brings out some really nice tempos that compliments the band. Although, many argue that his drumming volume drowns out the other instruments at time.

Track listing:

1. “Anno Mundi” 6:12
2. “The Law Maker” 3:55
3. “Jerusalem” 4:00
4. “The Sabbath Stones” 6:48
5. “The Battle of Tyr” (Instrumental) 1:09
6. “Odin’s Court” 2:42
7. “Valhalla” 4:43
8. “Feels Good to Me” 5:44
9. “Heaven in Black” 4:05


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