Speedboozer: Speedboozer

Rating: 80%

AlbumIn 2013, Speedboozer released their first and only album. The band consisted of vocalist & guitarist Jubilant Jim, drummer Hayzeus Crust , and bassist Snowflake.

Musically, this is a shot from the days when the British were ruling the world with their brand of Heavy Metal. But this is done with attitude with a whole of Motorhead thrown into it. It’s super fast and hard has hell. This brings back those memories from the mid to late 1980’s when I was growing up. It’s got plenty of leads and riffs. The drums are fast and the bass thunders along. Vocally, it’s not bad. This album is for those who enjoyed early Venom, Slayer, Motorhead, as well as Hardcore Punk.

Track listing:

1. Back On The Road
2. Drop The Nukes
3. Metal Punk
4. Violence & Noize
5. Crank It Up
6. Live free – stay wild
7. PKH
8. Gunned Down
9. S/T
10. Maximum Force
11. Speedboozer


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