Division Of Blood: Suicidal Angels

Rating: 90%

divisionSo, full speed ahead wasn’t exactly what this band should’ve done on there previous releases. Producing the same album every time wasn’t a good idea. So, Suicidal Angels went back to the drawing board and wrote a masterpiece. This is my understanding from other reviews. I would seem to agree.

The band is made up of vocalist & guitarist Nick Melissourgos, lead guitarist Gus Drax Guitars, bassist Aggelos Lelikakis, and drummer Orpheas Tzortzopoulos. These Greek guys sure can wail. If this is Trash Metal, then it’s more along the line of old school Trash. When I hear this album, I hear influences from Sodom and Venom to old school Slayer and Exodus.

The one thing that really sticks out is the riffs. They’re killer. Another thing that sticks out is the fantastic drumming. This is Trash Metal with content. Released in 2016, I would swear that this was from back in the 1980’s with very clear production and mixing. The leads are screaming all over this album. Lot’s of great fast tempos and heavy crunchers on here. The material flows so nicely from track to track. Just a very enjoyable album to listen to.

Track listing:

Capital Of War 4:25
Division Of Blood 5:12
Eternally To Suffer 4:14
Image Of The Serpent 2:59
Set The Cities On Fire 3:19
Front Gate 4:13
Bullet In The Chamber 3:25
Cold Blood Murder 3:20
Of Thy Shall Bring The Light 12:20


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