Paegan Terrorism Tactics: Acid Bath

Rating: 90%

220px-PaeganTerrorismTacticsIn 1996, Acid Bath released their second and last full length album “Paegan Terrorism Tactics.” To me this is a forgotten or very little known gem with regards to the Sludge Metal genre. It featured vocalist Dax Riggs, guitarists Mike Sanchez & Sammy “Pierre” Duet, bassist Audie Pitre, and drummer Jimmy Kyle.

I remember when I first heard these guys, which was this album here. I amazed at how good the vocals sound and how clear the distorted guitars were. It wasn’t as sludgy sounding as Sludge Metal should be. The heavy and mid tempo style basically had a Doom Metal structure, but there was a southern metal influence to it.

Musically, this is a dark album from the contents of the vocals to the overall song structure themselves. There is a creepy sense of humor to some of the song structures, “Graveflower” is one of those examples with the introduction and verse. There are some nice guitar riffs, followed by drumming. The sound and production is really clean. You can tell that these guys really put in the effort as there isn’t much filler within this album. It’s a shame that there isn’t more material out there on the band as these guys were part of the rise of Sludge Metal.

Track listing:

1. “Paegan Love Song” 5:40
2. “Bleed Me an Ocean” 6:15
3. “Graveflower” 6:07
4. “Diäb Soulé” 4:34
5. “Locust Spawning” 4:40
6. “Old Skin” 1:11
7. “New Death Sensation” 6:44
8. “Venus Blue” 4:42
9. “13 Fingers” 4:10
10. “New Corpse” 3:22
11. “Dead Girl” (ends at 7:23; hidden track “The Beautiful Downgrade” begins at 22:29) 24:08


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