Inhuman Rampage: DragonForce

Rating: 50%

Inhuman_Rampage_(Japan).jpgIn 2006, “Inhuman Rampage” by DragonForce was released. When I heard the first song off this album,  “Through the Fire and Flames”, I was blown away. it was powerful, fast, meaningful, and refreshing. It was Power Metal, but yet, the speed was amazing. The main riff and the lead were such a welcome sound to my ears. The vocals were crisp, and clean. Then I went and bought the album and that’s when trouble came.  The rest of the album was exactly the same.

The song structures are drawn out. I find myself fast forwarding through the album. The leads are very complex. The chorus lines are drawn out with layers of harmony. There is content, but there isn’t any context. It was like every song was built around the same idea from the melodies to the tempos. The drumming is good, and so is the bass, but they too are looped on the same structure. I do like the classical elements that one hears throughout the entire album.

The sound as metallic as it is, is very thin and generic. All of the ingredients are there for a fantastic album, but it lacks excitement. The musicians are very talented. But, the formula they used on this album just didn’t work out well. It’s like watching the same TV show over and over again and when you loose the attention span, you forget what it was that you were watching. I was almost tired when I finished listening to this album. Best song off this album is still the opener, “Through the Fire and Flames.”

Track listing:

1. “Through the Fire and Flames” 7:21
2. “Revolution Deathsquad” 7:51
3. “Storming the Burning Fields” 5:18
4. “Operation Ground and Pound” 7:43
5. “Body Breakdown” 6:57
6. “Cry for Eternity” 8:11
7. “The Flame of Youth” 6:40
8. “Trail of Broken Hearts” 5:54


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