The Joke’s on You: Excel

Rating: 75%

Exceljokesonyou.jpgIn 1989, Excel released their follow up “The Joke’s On You.” It’s more or less the same formula they used on their 1987 debut. It retains some of that Hardcore Punk influence that so many Cross-over Thrash bands contained. The only difference here, is that this album was released on the eve that Grunge would take over the mainstream scene. Because of that, many people will fail to remember these guys.

Excel was up of just four musicians who knew how to write and perform some very decent Thrash Metal music. Lead vocalist Dan Clements has a similar vocal style to that of D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies. Guitarist Adam Siegel can produce some very nice riffs and leads. The bass guitar work by Shaun Ross is decent. Throwing out change up tempos and good beats is drummer Greg Saenz.

Lyrically, the vocals are almost boarder line poems mixed with a tad bit of Rap. Musically, it’s heavy with some mellow areas that help to break up the mixture of the music. There’s nothing new on this album that hasn’t been done before. Musically, it’s decent. Production wise, it’s better than their first. It’s just a great piece of history from the 1980’s that can stand among great Thrash Metal bands like Exodus and Overkill.

Track listing:

Side one
“Drive” (2:27)
“Shadow Winds” (4:17)
“Fired (You’re)” (3:16)
“Tapping into the Emotional Void” (4:20)
“Affection Blends with Resentment” (3:56)
“Seeing Insane” (3:18)

Side two
“My Thoughts” (3:19)
“I Never Denied” (5:19)
“Message in a Bottle” (2:51)
“Given Question” (3:53)
“The Stranger” (2:53)


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