Arson Anthem: Arson Anthem

Rating: 90%

hqdefault.jpgIn 2008, Hardcore Punk went old school with a new twist with the debut of Arson Anthem. This super group of musicians got together and recorded some of the most fast, hardcore punk, heavy music in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Mike Williams (Eyehategod) on vocals, Philip H. Anselmo (Down & Pantera) on guitars, Collin Yeo on bass, and Hank Williams III (Assjack, and Hank3) on drums.

Musically, this is the fastest 11 minutes that I have experience next to listening to D.R.I.’s Dirty Rotten album. That’s right, 8 songs in 11 minutes. Plenty of hardcore riffs, weird fill in leads, in your face drumming, and screaming vocals. There are many highlights on this ep. There is a tight song structure from song to song, with a few seconds of mellow and quick fly by the night melody that breaks the atmosphere. This album brings back old school hardcore punk as if the world was going to implode.

Track listing:

1. Year of the Fork 01:41
2. Doomed Morale 01:15
3. Bunker Life 01:13
4. Hammer Them Out 01:11
5. Wrecked Like Clockwork 01:51
6. Cops Shoot Coke 00:34
7. The Avoider 01:38
8. Sri Lankan Medication 01:37


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