Obituary: Obituary


Obituary_-_ObituaryFor over 30 years, the boys from FLA have been throwing death growls and heavy music. 2017 is no exception with the self-titled release. John Tardy still proves that his vocals are showing no signs of wearing down. His brother, Donald is still pounding those skins as he did back in 1989 when the first release “Slowly We Rot” came out. Trevor Peres still throws out these mighty and crunchy riffs. Pounding the bass is Terry Butler and throwing down on the lead guitar is Kenny Andrews.

Going off of their material from their last release “Inked In Blood”, Obituary proves that if the wheel isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. That is exactly what this album represents. Meaning the song structures are basically the same. Now, many newer fans to the band, hate the fact that Obituary’s style isn’t what it was now as to their earlier material. What do you expect?

Musically, this album is high energy from start to finish. With monstrous fast riffs, screaming leads & fills, hard pounding drumming and screaming vocals. This album is like a freight train running at full speed ahead.  “Sentence Day” is a great example of how powerful this band can be. This album does have a nice change of tempos, after full speed on the first two tracks, the album slows down by just letting off of the throttle with “A Lesson in Vengeance.” This song also features some really good bass lines that are clearly heard as well as a kick ass lead solo. “Straight to Hell” is a bit more complex and features all of these very weird off beats.

For their tenth album, yes, I will admit that this is the same album that has been released over and over again. I would rather have that, than nothing at all. Many bands that have been around for twenty-five plus years all have released the same album. I would diffidently recommend this to any one who is into classic Death Metal.

Track listing:

1. “Brave” 2:14
2. “Sentence Day” 2:49
3. “A Lesson in Vengeance” 3:07
4. “End It Now” 4:02
5. “Kneel Before Me” 3:04
6. “It Lives” 3:24
7. “Betrayed” 3:01
8. “Turned to Stone” 4:13
9. “Straight to Hell” 3:57
10. “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” 3:16

Bonus track:

1. No Hope


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