The Dark: Metal Church

Rating: 85%

MetalChurch-TheDarkMetal Church after their first release went back into the studio and produce a very powerful and solid follow up album, “The Dark” in 1986. Their blend of Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, and Thrash Metal mixed with elements of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal is great. This album showcases that Thrash Metal can exist in a song structure that is changing and progressing.

This album still produces these killer riffs and leads that are conducted by Kurdt Vanderhoof and Craig Wells. The screaming raspy vocal style of David Wayne sounds good. This is the last album he would stand in on for a while. Keeping the time, tempos, and beats is drummer Kirk Arrington and assisting him on bass is Duke Erickson. “Method to Your Madness” is one example where elements of Thrash is blended in with just regular Heavy Metal and the result is a sort of Power Thrash epic. The opening track “Ton of Bricks” and “The Dark” are pretty straight forward Thrash Metal. “Watch the Children Pray” is a ballad style song without following the traditional ballad structure.

Bottom line here, Metal Church sounds stronger, powerful, and energetic. Their song writing style is still developing, but, a solid second album.

Track listing:

1. “Ton of Bricks” 2:55
2. “Start the Fire” 3:55
3. “Method to Your Madness” 4:52
4. “Watch the Children Pray” 5:57
5. “Over My Dead Body” 3:36
6. “The Dark” 4:11
7. “Psycho” 3:32
8. “Line of Death” 4:42
9. “Burial at Sea” 4:58
10. “Western Alliance” 3:18


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