Circle of Snakes: Danzig

Rating: 85%

CircleofSnakesIn 2004, Danzig returned with his eighth release “Circle of Snakes.” This album has a really good vibe to it. It’s eerie, heavy, evil, and well written out. The sound is a return to what may have come after Danzig4 if you can imagine that. Basically, releasing his band mates from the previous album, Glenn is achieving a fresh new sound and new ideas.

Glenn’s vocals are more balanced and less strained. I feel that he is within the range that his voice is now in. Tommy Victor’s guitar work is top notch from his leads to the riffs. His sound is such a good match for what Danzig is trying accomplish with this album. Bevan Davies’s drumming is a welcome to this album as is Jerry Montano’s bass which is clearly heard. Listen to “Night, BeSodom.”

What we have here is an album with new ideas, a fresh sound, and more complex song writing. The production is very good. The album is a throwback to when Danzig did just Heavy Metal music, loosing most if not all of the Industrial Metal and experimentation with electronics.

Track listing:

“Wotans Procession” – 2:23
“SkinCarver” – 3:57
“Circle of Snakes” – 3:07
“1000 Devils Reign” – 3:47
“Skull Forrest” – 5:06
“HellMask” – 3:14
“When We Were Dead” – 4:46
“Night, BeSodom” – 3:28
“My Darkness” – 4:21
“NetherBound” – 3:41
“Black Angel, White Angel” – 4:23


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