Danzig 777: I Luciferi : Danzig

Rating: 75%

Danzig_I_LuciferiRebuilding and rediscovering the music the music you once released is sometimes hard to do. In 2002, Danzig did exactly that or at least tried. There is a lot of really good material on this album. Then there is the material just to me is nothing more than filler. Sounds wise, the guitar has an amazing deep and heavy sound to it.

Let’s start with the musicianship of the album. Glenn’s vocals are much clearer than the two previous albums, but you can tell he isn’t a young pup anymore. Also, I wish his vocals would turned up a bit during the final stages of production. Joey Castillo’s drumming is more straight forward instead of the electronic stuff. There are some really good drums lines throughout this entire album. Todd Youth’s guitar is really decent. He can throw out these complex riffs as well as leads. The bass is there, but I wish Howie Pyro would have done a bit more.

Even though there are some good songs, what you have here is a basic Danzig album that is about average. High points to this album: These songs offer a good balance between the classic era and the post original line up.

  • “Black Mass”
  • “Wicked Pussycat”
  • “Dead Inside”
  • “Kiss the Skull”
  • “Angel Blake”
  • “Halo Goddess Bone”
  • “Without Light, I Am”

Track listing:

“Unendlich” – 1:51
“Black Mass” – 4:58
“Wicked Pussycat” – 4:03
“God of Light” – 3:39
“Liberskull” – 5:45
“Dead Inside” – 5:16
“Kiss the Skull” – 4:11
“I Luciferi” – 3:15
“Naked Witch” – 3:55
“Angel Blake” – 3:35
“The Coldest Sun” – 3:59
“Halo Goddess Bone” – 4:29
“Without Light, I Am” – 5:32


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