Deth Red Sabaoth: Danzig

Rating: 90%

Deth_Red_Sabaoth.jpgIn 2010, Danzig released this interesting gem. This album has a lot of catchy lyrics, great beats, and sounds pretty good. The material mixture is somewhat carried over from “Circle of Snakes” which isn’t a bad thing. This album seems to go a bit beyond the material of the previous album. It features a lot of solos and leads. Think of the basics and that there makes this a good album. Besides, this album has some really interesting song titles, such as “Black Candy” in which Glenn plays all instrumentation, and “JuJu Bone.”

John Kelly is a nice added bonus to the drumming spot. Recording in the studio is Tommy Victor on both the guitar and bass. Mixing seems to be pretty even keeled as far as the final product. Glenn’s vocals are decent and not strained. There’s a lot of good tempos, riffs, and leads. Overall, this is another good album with lots of harmony and melody.

Track listing:

“Hammer of the Gods” – 5:20
“The Revengeful” – 4:10
“Rebel Spirits” – 3:58
“Black Candy” – 4:08
“On a Wicked Night” – 4:02
“Deth Red Moon” – 3:58
“Ju Ju Bone” – 4:45
“Night Star Hel” – 6:42
“Pyre of Souls: Incanticle” – 3:18
“Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain” – 7:17
“Left Hand Rise Above” – 4:22


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