Dehumanizer: Black Sabbath

Rating: 80%

Black-sabbath-dehumanizerIn 1992, Black Sabbath reunited with vocalist Ronnie James Dio for the band’s sixteenth album. “Dehumanizer” is considered one of the heaviest moments from the band. Although, there was still tensions among the band members and long absences of band members who haven’t played with each other in a decade, this album could have been a bit better. But, it still has some good points to it as well.

The musicianship is a mixed bag of sorts. You have Dio performing some of his best vocal work on this album. however, it’s been almost a decade that guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler  worked together. Add in the fact that you have Vinny Appice on drums who also hasn’t played with the band in years. So, the question of stability comes into play right away.  The only other member who has been with the band most of its career beside Iommi is keyboardist Geoff Nicholls. So the musicianship is a bit loose.

The sound and music itself, is decent. There’s tons of good riffs and lead solos. Decent drumming. But the album does appear to sound as if it was thrown together. But this is due to the fact that Black Sabbath as a whole was redefining itself in the new musical culture that was around in the early 1990’s. It is darker in themes of lyrics.

This is a good Black Sabbath album. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more classic Sabbath, I don’t think you’ll get it here. But you do get an album that is somewhat decent and above average. I think that Black Sabbath really needed this album  in order to define who they were going into the 1990’s.

Track listing:

1. “Computer God” 6:10
2. “After All (The Dead)” 5:37
3. “TV Crimes” 3:58
4. “Letters from Earth” 4:12
5. “Master of Insanity” 5:54
6. “Time Machine” 4:10
7. “Sins of the Father” 4:43
8. “Too Late” 6:54
9. “I” 5:10
10. “Buried Alive” 4:47


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