Fireball: Deep Purple

Rating: 95%

Deep_purple_–_fireballIn 1971, Heavy Metal forefathers Deep Purple released “Fireball.” This is one of three important albums from the rock legends Deep Purple. The musicianship is outstanding. Vocalist Ian Gillan just knocks it out of the ballpark. Then you have riff master and lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore who is in the prime of his career and is already a well established guitarist. Hammering on the keys is the one and only Jon Lord. Setting the pace is bassist Roger Glover. Beating the skins and keeping the tempo is drummer Ian Paice. This is the classic Mk II line-up.

Song structures are killer. The album opens with “Fireball.” This front runner of Trash Metal is fast. It also has one important ingredient that is a game changer. It’s the double bass drum beats. The double bass drum sets the pace for all Heavy Metal. A drumming style that Motorhead would open with on “Overkill” as well as influencing countless other drummers.

Another fantastic track is “Strange Kind of Woman.” Ian Gillan’s voice is so dominating and clear with his mid range style. Blackmore’s guitar is all over this song and sounds perfect. “Anyone’s Daughter” opens with a classical blues influenced guitar. Then Gillian’s vocals come in which gives this song a bit of a bluesy, country, and folk feeling. The piano work of Jon Lord is fantastic.

This is a great record if you’re into early Heavy Metal or Prog Rock. There’s not a bad song on here at all.

Track listing:

Side one
1. “Fireball” 3:25
2. “No No No” 6:54
3. “Strange Kind of Woman” 4:07
4. “Anyone’s Daughter” 4:43
Side two
5. “The Mule” 5:23
6. “Fools” 8:21
7. “No One Came” 6:28


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