Molly Hatchet: Molly Hatchet

Rating: 85%

Molly_Hatchet_-_Molly_Hatchet.jpgIn 1978, the legends of Southern Rock, Molly Hatchet released their debut record. I was lucky enough to find this record in an antique store bin for $4.00. The record features the classic line up consisting of vocalist Danny Joe Brown, guitarist Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, and Duane Roland, bassist Banner Thomas, and drummer Bruce Crump. So the musicianship is top notch.

Not as heavy as the album moving forward, this album is pretty good musically. Lots of good harmonies and mid level tempos. Song structures are well done with some outstanding riffs and lead solos. The vocal work is amazing.

Some of my all time favorite songs on this record are “Gator Country”, “The Creeper”, and “Dreams I’ll Never See.” “Gator Country” pays tribute to the previous Southern Rockers like Elvin Bishop, Charlie Daniels, and the Marshall Tucker Band. The way the song is written, it explores the majority of the areas where southern rockers wrote about, such as “Sweet Home Alabama” by  Lynyrd Skynyrd. Here is where Molly Hatchet actually makes fun of the state by saying there’s nothing to see in Alabama. However, the Outlaws’s song “Green Grass and Hide Tides” which refers to St Augustine, FLA and how Molly Hatchet agrees with the descriptions of the their song.  “Dreams I’ll Never See” a song written and performed by the Allman Brothers is a fantastic cover.

This album is a fine Southern Rock album that has plenty to offer whether you’re into Country music to Rock n’ Roll.


Track listing:

Side one
“Bounty Hunter” – 2:58
“Gator Country”  – 6:17
“Big Apple”  – 3:01
“The Creeper”  – 3:18
“The Price You Pay”  – 3:04
Side two
“Dreams I’ll Never See”  – 7:06
“I’ll Be Running” – 3:00
“Cheatin’ Woman” – 3:36
“Trust Your Old Friend”  – 3:55


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