Intensities in 10 Cities: Ted Nugent

Rating: 90%

Intensities_in_10_Cities.jpgSo…1981, saw yet another fantastic live record from the motor city madman Ted Nugent. This record was also ranked No. 9 on the top 10 live records by Guitar World. It’s easy to see why.

Although, this record contain mostly unreleased songs and features a new line up, it’s still a very powerful, high voltage, high energy and raw record. Only Ted can produce a sound like this. It’s beefy, rich, full, and thick. It’s bluesy and it’s hard as hell. Supporting Ted is bassist Dave Kiswiney, drummer Cliff Davies, and guitarist Charlie Huhn.

The intensity of the guitar solos and the hard hitting riffs is what makes this record so good. Ted is creative and is full of talent when he mixes up that Blues, Motown, and Soul into his brand of Hard Rock. His influences are shining through and are strong all over the production of this record.

This album also marks the spiral downward for Ted as he enters the 1980’s when music was changing and Pop was hitting the airwaves. After the release of this record, Ted would have to compete and find new musical directions. This record is another look into the past of Ted Nugent and how great he was and is still slinging that six stringer for more than 50 years. This “Live” record is a must for any guitar player.

Track listing:

Side one
“Put Up or Shut Up” – 3:21
“Spontaneous Combustion” – 3:53
“My Love Is Like a Tire Iron” – 5:48
“Jailbait” – 5:15
“I Am a Predator” – 3:16
Side two
“Heads Will Roll” – 4:07
“The Flying Lip Lock” – 4:07
“Land of a Thousand Dances” – 4:39
“The TNT Overture” – 4:31
“I Take No Prisoners” – 3:30


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