Ted Nugent: Ted Nugent

Rating: 100%

Ted_nugent_album_coverIn 1975, after the demise of the Amboy Dukes, Ted went solo. His self entitled record is a collection of hard shooting songs that doesn’t stop rocking until the album is finished. The album features guitar riffs that will literally make your fingers bleed. The lead solos are so hot, that the screaming strings will melt your ears. The sound itself will blow your brain cells. No drugs are needed to listen to this album. The Blues influence is so rich and soulful, it’s no wonder why Ted Nugent would become an unstoppable force during the mid to late 1970’s.

The album opens with the powerful “Stranglehold.” It’s followed by a series of Ted Nugent hits. It’s a great sounding record that again, it’s full throttle until its done. “You Make Me Feel Right at Home” is a very mellow song that does allow the listener a chance to catch his breath before the last song on the second side. The entire album has a lot of energy. It features a lot of great mid pace tempos. the music overall is very powerful and rich.

Ted has a line up of topnotch musicians. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Derek St. Holmes has a great vocal range. He is followed by Amboy Dukes bassist Rob Grange who just kills the bass with his work. Drummer Cliff Davies is one hell of a drummer. He is like a V-8 engine that pounds away at the skins. This is a solid first album of any solo artists.

Side one

“Stranglehold” – 8:22
“Stormtroopin'” – 3:07
“Hey Baby” – 4:00
“Just What the Doctor Ordered” – 3:43
Side two
“Snakeskin Cowboys” – 4:38
“Motor City Madhouse” – 4:30
“Where Have You Been All My Life” – 4:04
“You Make Me Feel Right at Home” – 2:54
“Queen of the Forest” – 3:34


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