Black Laden Crown: Danzig

Rating: 85%

Cover_of_Black_Laden_Crown_(2017)_by_DanzigThe man in black has returned with his most darkest and doomy record in years. That’s right, we’re talking about Glenn Danzig with Danzig’s “Black Laden Crown.” I have been a major Danzig fan for years, ever since his first solo record came out way back in 1988. How I miss the classic line up. But, many of those records since the break up of the classic line up have been fairly good.

“Black Laden Crown” is not a bad album, but it does contain flaws in the production of the overall sound. At times, the instrumentation is drowned out by the vocal work. Other times, the vocals are so low, that the music itself drowns out Glenn.

So what about the musicians itself. This is where if production was better, this album could be a great album. You have the mighty Glenn Danzig on vocals. He still has range, but his voice is showing his age. But that is expected. The man is in his 60’s. He also contributes to the album by playing drums on tracks 2, 4, and 7 as well as bass, guitar and piano. Tommy Victor has returned to the lead guitar spot as well as playing bass. As far as the drum spot, this is where this album gets exciting. Aside from Glenn playing drums you have Joey Castillo on tracks 3 and 8, Johnny Kelly on tracks 1 and 5, Dirk Verbeuren on track 6, and Karl Rosqvist closing out the album on track 9.

Song structures are a bit slower and heavier than the previous Danzig albums. It features a ton of solos and some really good riffs. Some of which are catchy. The snapping of the thumbs in the beginning and first verse of “Last Ride” is awesome. I like the fast paced tempo of “Devil on Hwy 9.” “But a Nightmare” and “Skulls & Daisies” both feature great riffs, solos, and vocal work. “But a Nightmare” has some awesome drum work.

So, the seven year period without new real Danzig is over. I looked forward to this release as I do his next. Was the wait worth it? In my opinion….yes! It was.

Track listing:

“Black Laden Crown” – 5:59
“Eyes Ripping Fire” – 4:19
“Devil On Hwy 9” – 3:52
“Last Ride” – 4:59
“The Witching Hour” – 5:59
“But a Nightmare” – 5:04
“Skulls & Daisies” – 3:58
“Blackness Falls” – 5:47
“Pull the Sun” – 5:54


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