Sacrifice ep: Danzig

Rating: 75%

418126HNNDL.jpgThis is for the 2000 reissue which contained two two “Deep”versions and “Serpentia.” The two “Deep” versions, I think are better than the one that was released for the X-Files soundtrack. This, although, is a bit out there, has some good points to it.

The song “Sacrifice (Rust Mix)” and “Sacrifice (Martyr Mix)” are really good versions of the song “Sacrifice” that was released as part of the “Black Acid Devil” or Danzig 5 album. “Serpentia (Winter Mix)” is slightly better than the actual album version.

Everything else, it’s a good listen, but no actual lyrics and mostly electronic noise. If you’re into the song “Sacrifice”, you’ll enjoy the tracks where Danzig is actually singing on, but may not like the instrumental versions. It’s was a good concept, but, it really doesn’t feel like Glenn Danzig to me.

Track listing:

2000 reissue version

“Sacrifice (Rust Mix)” – 3:46
“Sacrifice (Trust Mix)” – 3:46
“Sacrifice (Must Mix)” – 6:26
“Sacrifice (Crust Mix)” – 6:28
“Sacrifice (Martyr Mix)” – 6:20
“Sacrifice (Album Version)” – 4:28
“Deepest (Kennedy acid death mix)” – 4:54
“Deeper Still (French Eric Cadieaux techno Mix)” – 6:50
“Serpentia (Winter Mix)” – 7:01


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