The Lost Tracks Of Danzig

Rating: 90%

LostTracksofDanzigIn 2007, Danzig released his compilation album “The Tracks.” This two CD set includes much material that wasn’t released or was featured as B-sides on singles. This compilation features songs from 1988-2004, covering the classic line up of Danzig’s debut to “Danzig 777 album.”

There’s a lot of good songs on here. Many of which, I think should have been released much earlier. But in 2007, it was worth the wait. So many changes in sounds that one can hear that covers Danzig’s career.

The most important piece on this set is the two tracks “When Death Had No Name.” You can hear how this song progressed from the earlier years to when it was released as a b-side to “Dirty Black Summer” single. I have heard this song numerous times performed live. “Cold Cold Rain” has a rich bluesy feeling to it that screams Elvis. “Lick the Blood Off My Hands” even begins with a nice blues riff. Aside from the Blues influence, there are some Industrial Metal sections on here that are very unique. The other “Deep” song that wasn’t released is really good.

Even the covers are done Danzig style. T. Rex’s “Buick McKane”, The Germs’ “Caught in My Eye” and David Bowie’s “Cat People” are so good that they should have been released on the Danzig’s covers album which is by far my least favorite album. These songs are as if they were written for Glenn himself.

These tracks are a great look into Danzig’s career. They showcase how talented Danzig is, and how much perfection goes into each album. These songs were considered as not throw a ways, but interrupted the flow of the the album they were written for. Again, lots of good material that is worthy.

Track listing:

Disc 1
“Pain Is Like an Animal”
“When Death Had No Name”
“Angel of the 7th Dawn”
“You Should Be Dying”
“Cold, Cold Rain”
“Buick McKane”
“When Death Had No Name”
“Satan’s Crucifiction”
“The Mandrake’s Cry”
“White Devil Rise”
“Come to Silver” (acoustic)

Disc 2
“Lick the Blood Off My Hands”
“Crawl Across Your Killing Floor”
“I Know Your Lie”
“Caught in My Eye”
“Cat People”
“Bound by Blood”
“Who Claims the Soulless”
“Soul Eater”
“Dying Seraph”
“Lady Lucifera”
“Under Belly of the Beast”
“Unspeakable Shango Mix “


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