No Guts…No Glory: Molly Hatchet

Rating: 90%

No_Guts...No_Glory_(Molly_Hatchet_album_-_cover_art).jpgThe South has risen once again with the 1983 Molly Hatchet release “No Guts…No Glory.” This record has plenty of dueling guitar leads, a powerful set of trio riffs, great drumming and fantastic vocals. It’s full throttle Hard Rock from start to finish. It features one of the best signature and jamming songs by the band called “Fall of the Peacemakers.”

The musicianship is perfectly formulated. Vocalist Danny Joe Brown is on top of the world and is in his prime. The trio of guitars are performed by Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, and Duane Roland. Man, they can throw out the riffs and harmonize those leads like no other. Bassist Riff West and drummer Barry Borden are great setting the time and beats. This is Southern Rock with a hard edge with a dash of Country and Blue thrown into the mix. Southern Rock never sounded so good. 

Track listing:

Side one
“What Does It Matter?” – 3:33
“Ain’t Even Close” – 4:35
“Sweet Dixie” – 3:54
“Fall of the Peacemakers”  – 8:03
Side two
“What’s It Gonna Take?”  – 3:59
“Kinda Like Love” – 4:09
“Under the Gun” – 3:54
“On the Prowl” – 4:07
“Both Sides” – 5:08


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