Nugent: Ted Nugent

Rating: 65%

Nugent(album).jpgSo, the year was 1982 and the king of the forest was trying to rediscover himself, after a very successful run in the mid to late 1970’s. The music scene was changing rapidly and for many of the 1970’s monsters, it was getting harder to catch up or to keep up.

This album, looses that hardness that the previous albums had. The overall sound is a bit dull. Some decent riffs and leads, but musically, Ted is experimenting. There’s a pop edge to the song structures. The bottom line is that the music on album lacks power, intensity, energy, and explosive riffs that Ted Nugent was known for. It’s almost as if the maturity of Ted has finally caught up to his music.

Aside from the Motorcity Madman shredding it up on the guitar and vocals, he brought back Derek St. Holmes on vocals. Filling in the bass guitar spot is Dave Kiswiney. Carmine Appice is on drums. 

Track listing:

Side one
“No, No, No” – 3:39
“Bound and Gagged” – 4:34
“Habitual Offender” – 3:09
“Fightin’ Words” – 3:59
“Good and Ready” – 4:19
Side two
“Ebony” – 4:26
“Don’t Push Me” – 2:34
“Can’t Stop Me Now” – 2:35
“We’re Gonna Rock Tonight” – 3:21
“Tailgunner” – 7:03


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