Strikes: Blackfoot

Rating: 95%

Blackfoot_-_Strikes.jpgSo the year was 1979 and Blackfoot released “Strikes” which is by far one of my favorite records by this band. Most of Southern Rock was dead or it was changing drastically. After 1977 when the plain went down and with all of the styles of music about, Blackfoot was not ready to throw in the towel. Instead, they released one of the most kick ass, hard rocking, whiskey drench albums of their career

This album has plenty of sound fused with hard hitting riffs, leads, drumming, and harmonica. Rickey Medlocke and his vocals are top notch. Between his guitar and the guitar of Charlie Hargrett, they throw riff after riff followed by lead and solos all over this record. Even the song “Highway Song” which begins with some picking, turns into a racetrack at the end and the guitars just dance around. You throw in the drums of Jakson Spires and Greg T. Walker’s bass, you’ll have a band that is powerful, exciting, and energetic.  But Rickey’s grandfather, Shorty steals the spotlight with Blues influenced harmonica on the opening of “Train, Train.” 

Track listing:

1. “Road Fever” 3:07
2. “I Got a Line on You (Spirit cover)” 3:17
3. “Left Turn on a Red Light”  4:35
4. “Pay My Dues” (Blues Image cover) 3:03
5. “Baby Blue” 2:33
6. “Wishing Well” (Free cover) 3:11
7. “Run and Hide” 3:24
8. “Train, Train (prelude)” 0:36
9. “Train, Train” 2:56
10. “Highway Song” 6:50


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