Double Live Gonzo!: Ted Nugent

Rating: 100%

Double_Live_Gonzo!.jpg“Double Live Gonzo” covers those hits live from Ted Nugent’s first three albums. Recorded in 1977 and released in 1978, the intensity of the raw power is displayed on two records. The sheer power that only Ted Nugent could display made his name an icon in the Hard Rock world.

The sound is amazing on vinyl. This album ranks in my top five live albums that I enjoy to listening too. Musically, this is the high tide or the prime of Ted’s solo career. The rawness of the sound of the guitars, the vocal work, and the thundering bass displays such a energy that is lacking from Hard Rock today. His leads and riffs are monstrous. The interaction with the crowd shows that Ted’s concerts are enjoyable. Ted’s unpredictable behavior on stage really made him a top notch entertainer. His stage banners are proof of that!

As far as the songs, only this live album could capture the true Ted Nugent. It’s like unleashing the beast for it to do whatever it wants to do. Cutting those restraints from the studio and causing chaos. That’s what this live performance is all about. In short, if you like intensity, raw power, energy, and loud electrifying guitars, then this is an album that will blow you away.

Track listing:

Side one
“Just What The Doctor Ordered” 5:26
“Yank Me, Crank Me” 4:28
“Gonzo” 3:59
“Baby Please Don’t Go” 5:58

Side two
“Great White Buffalo” 6:23
“Hibernation” 16:54

Side three
“Stormtroopin'” 8:46
“Stranglehold” 11:14

Side four
“Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” 6:18
“Cat Scratch Fever” 4:49
“Motor City Madhouse” 10:35


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