Hell: Venom

Rating: 65%

Venom_hell.jpgIn 2008, Venom released “Hell.” This album has gotten many different ratings to the point where I see many like it or many hate it. The problem is, when these bands who started out in the early 1980’s, they ruled the underground. As their audiences grow up and get wiser with age, their mindset changes. As these musicians get more experience with music, they tend to release the same album. AC/DC, Motorhead, and Obituary are three that come to mind. Well, even the great Manowar, so there’s four.

The overall sound is a bit bland and heavily polished. It’s not like the older Venom albums where the recording was raw. It doesn’t have the lust or the power of previous albums. While you listen to this album, it does make me lose interest, because there is no power in the music. This album is an average album with average material from the Black Metal fathers.

The opening track is perfect the way it is and stands out from most of the other material. This is pure Thrash Metal. “Hand of God” is another great track that stands out. It’s not Thrash Metal or Black Metal, but a mixture of styles that are Groove and Punk rooted. It reminds me of Prong’s “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck.” “Kill the Music” has almost a classic Venom feel to it that has been modernized. Bottom line, this album while it isn’t anything fancy, it’s just a basic average release by Venom.

Track listing:

1. “Straight to Hell” 4:28
2. “The Power and the Glory” 5:09
3. “Hand of God” 4:35
4. “Fall from Grace” 3:29
5. “Hell” 5:08
6. “Evil Perfection” 3:36
7. “Stab U in the Back” 4:33
8. “Armageddon” 3:28
9. “Kill the Music” 3:15
10. “Evilution Devilution” 4:29
11. “Blood Sky” 5:13
12. “USA for Satan” 4:51
13. “Dirge/The Awakening” (Instrumental) 3:30


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