Blow Up Video: AC/DC

Rating: 80%

blowupvideo.jpg1988 and AC/DC needed a strong album to make a major comeback. This was considering that “Fly On The Wall” was a U.S. commercial success. This album also marked the last album that Brian Johnson would contribute lyrics to.

Vocally speaking, Brian Johnson is riding the wave one more time. He still sounds good, but he has completely blown his pipes. Age has finally caught up with him. I call this the beginning Donald Duck years. But his vocals are much better on this album than the previous “Fly On The Wall.”

Musically, the rest of the band sounds OK. This album is the final product of the “Who Made Who” era, moving away from the style of “Fly On The Wall.” In other words, AC/DC is trying to reinvent themselves and it takes awhile to do that. This is where AC/DC was headed musically, which leads into the “Razors Edge” era which would come in 1990.

The main two flaws I hear are noise and filler within the music. Some of the song structures do repeat themselves over and over. “Two’s UP” basically sounds like leftovers from the “For Those About To Rock” record. I love the song, but there’s nothing new to it. The entire album sounds very weak, unfocused with lot’s of background noise. Now not all is lost. This album does contain some very good parts musically. The opening and verse guitar parts to “This Means War” is very up beat. Many of the songs, do have a nice melody driving it, but it does get a bit dull too. 

The music is riff heavy with shortened leads and solos. The guitar work is a bit weak. Even drummer Simon Wright isn’t sounding to hot. It’s almost as if the material was put together very quickly, the night before the recording. Cliff Williams on bass seems to be the only guy who has sort of broken away from the standard. He is laying down some bass lines that are not following along the guitars.  

Track listing:

1. “Heatseeker” 3:50
2. “That’s the Way I Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll” 3:45
3. “Meanstreak” 4:08
4. “Go Zone” 4:26
5. “Kissin’ Dynamite” 3:58
6. “Nick of Time” 4:16
7. “Some Sin for Nuthin'” 4:11
8. “Ruff Stuff” 4:28
9. “Two’s Up” 5:19
10. “This Means War” 4:21


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