Weekend Warriors: Ted Nugent

Rating: 80%

Weekend_Warriors.jpgTed Nugent is back with his fourth studio album “Weekend Warriors” released in 1978. Not as explosive as the prior three, but this album does have it’s moments. Especially with the line change. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Derek St. Holmes left the band and was replaced by Charlie Huhn.

Musically, it does have good riffs and tons of lead guitar. But, the album appears to be flawed. The song structures just seem a little weak. As if, Ted isn’t putting everything he’s got into it. Not to mention, there is some filler where Ted went back to “Catch Scratch Fever” and reused that riff. The John Sauter’s bass and  drummer Cliff Davies to hammer out some nice tempos that are surrounded by some good melodies. Charlie Huhn seems to have a nice harmony that compliments Ted’s overall sound. 

Aside from that, this album is still a very good record, just lacking that raw power and sheer energy that Ted Nugent is known for. Just glad I got my copy on vinyl at my local record store.

Track Listing:

Side one
“Need You Bad” – 4:19
“One Woman” – 4:04
“I Got the Feelin'” – 3:05
“Tight Spots” – 2:55
“Venom Soup” – 5:47
Side two
“Smokescreen” – 4:15
“Weekend Warriors” – 3:09
“Cruisin'” – 3:26
“Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine” – 4:00
“Name Your Poison” – 4:30


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