Live At Leeds: The Who

Rating: 100%

The_who_live_at_leedsOne of my favorite guitarists is Pete Townshend. Just something about his style that can’t be matched by no other. One can not compare him to Jimmy Page or Ritchie Blackmore. Because all of them are talented, brilliant, and and can throw down chords like no tomorrow. With that being said, I picked up this live performance by the The Who at R.I.P. Records for $8.00 in almost mint condition.

The overall sound is really amazing. Each instrument sounds great. The music has a lot of rich melody and harmony. The rhythm section is so talented and sounds very heavy at times. Lot’s of great tempos as well. The Who were always ahead of the times when it came to their style as well as their sound.

The musicianship is really good as well. Roger Daltrey has a great voice and is full of energy. He is a good example of what a frontman should be during performances. Pete Townshend again, is fantastic. He knows how to throw those riffs down and his leads are amazing. Bringing in the harmony of the music is bassist John Entwistle. His leads and bass lines are top notch. Throwing down on the skins and keeping tempo is the one and only Keith Moon on drums. 

If you really want to hear how these bands really sound, you got to get their live performances. Those performances showcases the band without dubs and editing. Every song on here showcases how great this band is, including the two covers  “Summertime Blues” and “Shakin’ All Over.”

Side one
1. “Young Man Blues” 4:46
2. “Substitute”  2:10
3. “Summertime Blues”  3:22
4. “Shakin’ All Over”  4:20

Side two
1. “My Generation” 14:45
2. “Magic Bus” 7:57


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