Girls, Girls, Girls: Mötley Crüe

Rating: 85%

Girls,_Girls,_Girls_(Mötley_Crüe_album)1987 saw the release of “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Mötley Crüe. Changing some things up from their previous record “Theater of Pain”, the band will tap into their darker side of life such as drugs, women, death, and partying. The end result is an album that is pretty dark lyrically.

Musically, the band sounds much better and the song structures are more thought out. It seems as if the band is maturing. It also seems as if the band is also moving toward their first album “Too Fast For Love” as the song tempos are much faster and upbeat. Production work is a bit light and looses that raw gritty sound as heard on the first two records. This is a carry over from the “Theater of Pain” album.

Track listing:

Wild Side 4:40
Girls, Girls, Girls 4:30
Dancing On Glass 4:18
Bad Boy Boogie 3:27
Nona 1:27
Five Years Dead 3:50
All In The Name Of… 3:39
Sumthin’ For Nuthin’ 4:41
You’re All I Need 4:33
Jailhouse Rock (Live) 4:39


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