Three Snakes and One Charm: The Black Crowes

Rating: 85%

The_Black_Crowes_-_Three_Snakes_and_One_Charm“Three Snakes and One Charm” was the forth record released by the Black Crowes in 1996. The Black Crowes are still producing records that are riding out the tide of Popular music. By this point, NU Metal and Grunge are pretty much at the “High Water” mark. Plus, other forms of Heavy Metal were being developed, including the second wave of South Rock.

Musically, with this album, you hear the Crowes maintaining their distinctive sound which includes influences from Southern Rock, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, drenched in a stonesy psychedelic sounds. It’s very atmospheric in some parts. I do like the stripped down rawness of the music on this album. To me, it doesn’t sound fake as it may with other groups thrown into the same genre. What this album lacks, musically, I musicianship makes up for it and therefore you have another good release by the Black Crowes.

Track listing:

“Under a Mountain” – 4:10
“Good Friday” – 3:51
“Nebakanezer” – 4:07
“One Mirror Too Many” – 3:34
“Blackberry” – 3:25
“Girl from a Pawnshop” – 6:17
“(Only) Halfway to Everywhere” – 3:59
“Bring On, Bring On” – 3:56
“How Much for Your Wings?” – 3:27
“Let Me Share the Ride” – 3:18
“Better When You’re Not Alone” – 4:10
“Evil Eye” – 4:10


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