Hondo II Professional


From an auction site, but this is exactly what I had.

I remember my first real guitar. My brother paid about $50 for it. It was a Japanese made Hondo II Professional. I took this guitar to two Maryland State FFA talent contest and won seventh place one year and third the other. The one song I wrote and would’ve got first place, but the judges didn’t like one of the lines and I was dinged.

When I formed my first band, I had this guitar. It was a great sounding guitar. The sound was rich, deep, and heavy. It was meaty! I loved this guitar, but had to thrash it several years ago, because I didn’t think it was worth fixing up. I was wrong. These guitars, what few I could find were averaging $250 to $400.

So, what about this guitar? It’s a solid body, double cut away heavy ass guitar. That is what I liked. It featured a three way toggle switch, coil tapped Matsumoku made MMK 45 humbuckers, one volume one tone pods. It was made from mahogany and featured a rosewood fret board. Although, a heavy guitar, it was easy to play due to it’s super low action. It could stand up to my rough and ragged playing ways even if it was made by Matsumoku.

If I am not mistaking, this is one of those Japanese lawsuit guitars because of the fact that it was a copy of a Paul Reed Smith guitar. Ether way, I loved everything about this guitar.  If I could find a cheap enough price for this guitar, I might consider buying it.


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