Sovereign Banjo made by Harmony

iehkatlswrfk6nsk2fdj (1)

I borrowed this picture from Reverb Guitar Sales

My first banjo was given to me by my father. He gave it to me when I was a teenager almost 25 years ago. A few weeks ago, I had to trash it after the head broke when it fell. It was the same place that I made a repair fifteen years ago. Figuring that this banjo isn’t worth much, I decided it was time to just pitch it.

The banjo served it’s purpose. I learn several songs on it, even though I wasn’t much of a finger picker. I used the chords that I learned from using the drop D tuning on the guitar and learned how to play the instrument.

The instrument was light weight, easy to play and sounded decent. I will admit, some chords sounded a bit dull or flat. But other than I never had any complaints.

I think it was made with a maple neck and rosewood inlay for the fret board. I think that the resonator was also made from maple. It had chrome metal and I want to say that the head was made from plastic?


One last jam session before the break.


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