Headhunter: Krokus

Rating: 95%

Headhunter_cover.jpgIn 1983, Krokus released probably one their best albums in there entire catalog. So, when I was browsing through the records at the store today and saw this, I had to grab it. I used to have this one on cassette many years ago.

This record here to me was a very good record and for many reasons. But mainly it was because of how tight the band played. They seem to lose that AC/DC hardness and developed their own heaviness musical style. This album has a lot of really good tempos and the instrumentation is well balanced. From start to finish, it’s a pretty solid album.

Marc Storace sounds really good behind that mic. The guitar work just doesn’t quit. This album has a lot of great riffs and plenty of heated solos. You can thank guitarists Fernando von Arb and Mark Kohler for that. The drumming by Steve Pace is also good along with the bass work of Chris von Rohr. It also feature Rob Halford on backing vocals on “Ready To Burn.” 

Track listing:

Side one
“Headhunter”  – 4:30
“Eat the Rich”– 4:14
“Screaming in the Night” – 6:38
“Ready to Burn”  – 3:54

Side two
“Night Wolf” – 4:10
“Stayed Awake All Night” – 4:41
“Stand and Be Counted”– 4:07
“White Din” – 1:50
“Russian Winter” – 3:31


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